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Hornady Hornady Black 450 Bushmaster 250gr. 20rds.

Product Code : 090255822465

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Hornady BLACK ammunition is specifically optimized for maximum performance in America's favorite modern sporting rifles. This load uses the legendary Hornady FTX Flex Tip polymer tipped bullet. It delivers outstanding consistency and accuracy, as well as outstanding terminal performance with deep penetration and reliable expansion on large, heavy skinned game animals. America's gun runs on BLACK!

Hornady 82246
.450 Bushmaster
250 grain FTX Flex Tip polymer tip expanding bullet
Ballistic coefficient G1 .210
Sectional density .175
Reloadable brass case
Test barrel 20"
Muzzle velocity 2200 fps, energy 2686 ft/lbs
Velocity at 100 yards 1840 fps, energy 1879 ft/lbs
Velocity at 200 yards 1524 fps, energy 1289 ft/lbs
Velocity at 300 yards 1268 fps, energy 893 ft/lbs
Use for big game hunting

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